Men’s Soccer: Road to National Title

DUBUQUE- The winningest team at Loras College takes no days off. Wind, rain, snow, or shine..even when it’s not in-season, the Loras men’s soccer team is still hard at it. Why such effort?  Because the players and coaches say that’s exactly what it takes to compete at a national level. Head soccer coach, Dan Rothert, said, “My goal is for them is to be able to leave in the summer in pretty much 90% of top shape, so really all they have to do is maintain over the summer versus get fit over the summer.”

The players condition, lift, and scrimmage at least five days a week, every week all in an effort to improve their game. According to Rothert, “The guys are playing several nights a week on their own, you know kind of developing that base so when we get to spring practice they are able to go at a much higher level.”

With a talented, returning junior and senior class the team is poised to dominate the field this next season. Two key players and team leaders Ryan Pacholski and Mike Perhats are ready to take on this challenge. “I’ve talked to older classman and they’ve seen us work out and they’ve said this is the most numbers we have ever had at offseason workouts, so it’s really just making sure people go to the workouts to get in shape and go to trainings to get touches,” said Pacholski. “I think workouts are more mandatory this year than past years, I think that allows us to build up our strength and get to a point where we can work on more of the technical aspects of soccer,” said Perhats.

Two seasons ago the men’s team found themselves in the national championship game, coming up just short. Being so close to the ultimate goal Rothert and Perhats share how it has affected them. “You know we are going to do a lot of things differently. We’re gonna, meet with the team before practice every day just to make sure to talk about different life things and leadership things and things that are gonna help us on the field,” said Rothert. “Just knowing that I have one more year to be able to attain that ultimate goal is really just kind of a fire in my belly and something we’re all striving for,” said Perhats.

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