Loras Students and Staff Look Forward to The Rock Bowl Renovations


Fundraising for the Rock Bowl renovation at Loras College is currently underway and these improvements are very important to athletes.   

Ask any athlete that plays at rockbowl and they’ll tell you exactly why this renovation is so important.. “as a soccer player its really difficult to play on a turf thats so torn up everywhere” said freshman soccer player Mikailah Shealer. Junior track runner Partick Wolak added, “It’s been over ten years since this track has been done and its caked down. So now it feels like your running on a sidewalk.” 

Director of Athletics at Loras College, Denise Udelhofen tells us that safety for the athletes has been the top priority in planning the renovation.

Denise Udelhofen said, “I think the biggest thing safety wise is in the turf, when we are talking about safety. The first thing people think is our knees. Overall right now we have some areas of the turf that are coming up. In football we have lines that are coming up. We are able to glue them down so we can play. In track it’s safety for student athelets as far as running on a better surface is just better for their bodies in general.”

Safety is the main concern of the renovation, but Denise is hoping to see that aethstetic changes are made to the rock bowl as well.      

Denise Udelhofen said, “With the turf we’re changing from purple to our vegas gold, so we will get rid of the bright gold. In soccar we are going to put purple on the sides so the soccer field kind of pops out. Our track we are gonna go to graphite which is a dark grey. Purple looks awesome when you first do it, and then it fades.”

In addition fencing will be added, and a brand new jumbotron to replace the current score board.

Loras has raised an upwards of 480,000 dollars Including a 250,000 dollar donation from the Finnegan family.

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