Loras athletes train at home amid coronavirus spread


On March 12, 2020 the NCAA announced the cancellation of the remaining winter and spring sports seasons due to the spread of COVID-19.

Carlene Paul during Florida Spring opener

Dual sport athlete, Carlene Paul, had a great first season as a Duhawk golfer this past fall, and was looking forward to Softball season. Although Paul got some time in the outfield chasing down fly balls for a few games during the team’s season opener in Florida during early March, what she really misses is the missed opportunities of memories and being with the team, “Leaving was probably one of the hardest things that I had to do because of all the great people I have met so far and leaving the potential memories behind.” Paul explained.

As far as workouts go, Paul is being proactive in using technology to her advantage to stay in shape,

 “ I have downloaded apps on my phone that give me work out plans for the day and simple indoor drills to help me improve my skills within my sports.” 

Carlene Paul, Loras freshman

Every athlete would agree that there are hardships right now and are finding creative ways to train without access to proper facilities or fields.

Sophomore Buddy Martens, for example, was just starting practices with the Mens Golf Team to get ready for their upcoming spring season,

“I am no longer able to practice and not able to prove to myself how much I improved in the offseason.” Martens explained.

Despite not being able to actually be out on the green, he still continues to find ways to stay active, “I have a basketball hoop in my backyard, and am able to exercise by going on runs with my family.”

Additionally, Martens is using this time at home to focus on a bigger picture.

“It is important for me to reconnect with my family like back in high school and as well as have more time to pray and thank God for all that I have and my family during this time.” 

Buddy Martens, Loras sophomore & golfer

Marianne Gleason, a freshman at Loras College from Fresno, California, is also a dual-sport athlete who participates in both Cross Country and Lacrosse. The Loras Lacrosse team was only 4 games in to their season when the NCAA cancellation took place. Now with traveling being unsafe for Gleason to return home she is still living at Loras College for the time being. Despite the disappointment of how her first Lacrosse season ended, Gleason remains in positive spirits. 

Marianne Gleason on the field for lacrosse game at home.

“As a two sport athlete, I am grateful I got to have one season and am using the time off to continue to prepare for next year’s sports” 

Coaches have been doing their best to keep in contact with their athletes on practice and workout schedules. Gleason also mentioned how her coaches have been contacting their student athletes saying,

“Cross Country Coach Bob Schultz has been sending workouts for us to do and Lacrosse Coach Barbara Vega has been encouraging us to keep up with stick work”

With team bonding being an essential part of why collegiate athletes enjoy their sport, Assistant Coach, Eric Gruber, explains on how the women’s basketball team is staying connected during this time.

“We each have a group of 9 every week that we have to FaceTime at least once throughout the week.”

Eric Gruber, Assistant Coach – Women’s Basketball

One way they are keeping their team motivated is by finding podcasts that related to leadership and ways that will benefit the team aspect of the sport.

As for workouts Gruber mentions that, “Brittney Kent who is one of the assistants has made a workout plan for the players to do, if possible. The basketball stuff will come more after there are more accessibility to gyms.”

As student athletes and coaches try to navigate and adjust to their new normal, Gleason reminds us that it’s important to have a positive mindset.

“While I am out practicing and running for the day I try and think of something positive that has happened since the start of COVID-19, and how I can use that in my future.”

Marianne Gleason, Loras freshman
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