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Basketball season is finally here. With the excitement of offseason trades like Carmelo Anthony and Paul George to the Oklahoma City Thunder as well as the rookies drafted in the 2017 draft, this season is going to be jam packed with excitement. Let’s talk about teams that could possibly go to the championship this year.

Number one is, of course, the Golden State Warriors, the defending champs. What’s not to like about them? They have three of the best shooters in the game: Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant. Last season, their three-point shooting percentages were 41, 41, and 37 percent respectively. An average player shoots in the mid to low 30’s. These numbers are well above average which makes them very difficult to cover.  Last season, they averaged 120.8 points per game. This season, the Warriors are 2-2. This is only .500, but don’t worry; the Warriors will get their wins. They have way too much offensive firepower to be stopped.

I think the Oklahoma City Thunder should have a chance at making it to the finals. Last year, it was clear that their best player was Russel Westbrook. Because they had Russel Westbrook on the team, the thunder were able to make the playoffs. Unfortunately,they  eventually lost to the Rockets. This year, they acquired Carmelo Anthony and Paul George in the free agency.
These are the keys I think the Thunder need in order to win a championship this year. Paul George averaged 23.7 points a game last season. Carmelo Anthony is one of the game’s best shooters. In his career, he averaged a 45.2 field goal percentage. In addition, we can’t forget about Russel Westbrook and his historic season just a year ago.

Averaging a triple-double is no easy feat, and, in his first three games the season, he is already averaging a double-double and is one rebound away from averaging a triple-double. The Thunder might have everything they need to take a swing at the Warriors this season.

Last but not least are the Cleveland Cavaliers. They are in the eastern conference which is a great accomplishment. This will make it relatively easy for them to make the finals. They are fortunate enough to have Lebron James Lebron on their team to help them, but they haven’t made the finals since 2010. Lebron James will do what he always does and carry his team to the finals in the east.

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Gerrand Moody is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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