Lessons of Loras College Athletics

LORAS COLLEGE – Loras College Athletics are an essential part of being a Duhawk. Nina Mack asked a couple seniors what they have learned by being an athlete here at Loras for the past four years.

Senior track and field runner, Ashley Miller, said “It’s taught me a great deal about time management and being able to work your schedule around athletics with classes, practice and, of course, eating and homework.” She also adds that Loras Athletics have taught her with “dealing with adversity. If you have bad weather, a bad practice or a bad meet, just being able to bounce back from that and being able to get back into your routine.”

When asked what Ashley would tell her fellow younger Duhawks, she said, “I would say definitely take advantage of any opportunity that’s given to you. And don’t take for granted especially if you’re an athlete and able to participate in athletics. The four years goes by REALLY fast so make sure you cherish that and get to know your teammates, get to know your classmates, everyone… because pretty soon it’s over.”

Senior men’s soccer player, Dylan Milkent, says that he has learned, “It takes a lot of hard work to be successful, especially at the college level. ┬áThe effort you have to put in is definitely something that I didn’t expect coming in as a freshman and going through four years now, it’s probably the toughest thing I’ve had to commit to.”

When asked what advice he would give his fellow younger Duhawks, he stated, “Stick with it. Usually people think,’Well, this is D3, it’s not going to be that tough… I was a starter in my high school senior year…’ But it’s a completely different game. You’re playing with, you know, adults, 21, 22 and sometimes 23 year olds. It’s certainly a challenge. The freshman that do play, they’re usually really special players, but, definitely just stick with it. All the hard work will definitely pay off.”

Senior football player, Tim Weber, says that Loras has indirectly taught him that, “You have to be resourceful and adaptive. I mean I didn’t play that much my first few years here but, I found out what I need to improve on and I got better at it and that’s what you need to do in real life.”

He also added, “If you experience any obstacles just stick with it ’cause, you know, obviously the football team… we went through a lot… these seniors in four years. But, I had a blast and just keep with it ’cause it’s all worth it in the end.”

Senior basketball player, Katie Langmeier, stated that Loras College Athletics have taught her, “Hard work is going to pay off. Everyone has ups and downs, every sport has ups and downs. And if you’re able to work through and strive through the downs that’s when you’re going to come out on top and be a better person and it’s going to help you in your athletics.”

She agrees with the other seniors saying, “It does go fast. Enjoy every minute of it. Don’t take anything for granted. Basically just have fun, you’re going to miss it when it’s over so enjoy everything.”

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