Lacrosse team relishes its best season yet

The Lacrosse team has completed their most successful season in program history.  With the help of the new head coach this season, Sam Koenig, the Duhawks came out ready to make a strong showing  The Duhawks went 7-10 for this season, but that also means they gained more experience and worked toward next year.

The last two games the Duhawks played was the weekend of April 29 and 30, which was also senior night.

Unfortunately they didn’t come out with a win to send the seniors off with, but they came out with a fight that gave the Benedictine University Eagles a good scare.  The Duhawks lost to the Eagles on Sunday to an unbelievable buzzer beater.  The Eagles scored with one second left on the clock to give them the lead 14-15.

The Duhawks scored many goals on Sunday to help bring in some new records for them.  Junior Sarah Hanson finished the game with three goals which makes her be the second person in Loras College history to score over 100-career points.  The Duhawks also had goals made from seniors Anna Schwalbe (2-points), Hannah Nelson (1-point), and Brittany Miller (5-points), and also freshman Olivia Flynn (3-points).  This gave the Duhawks a remarkable 240 points scored this season for an average of about 14 goals per game.

The Duhawks are on an upward slope though with training in the offseason to get ready for next year.

Coach Koenig wants the ladies to make gains to get to the next level.

“This off season is going to be a way for our ladies make the strides to get our program to a new level,” she said. “It all comes down to doing the little things when nobody’s watching.”

Without the senior class the younger ladies are able to step up and become leaders on the team.  The senior class will be missed because they helped shaped for what this program has become.

“We had a great senior class and they helped pave the way for future generations,”  Koenig said. “I believe in each person in the program to step up into their shoes, but it all comes down to the hard work over the next off months.”

This season has let the Duhawks grow in many ways on and off the field.  Even with hitting a new record of seven wins the Duhawks have more than just that to prove for this season.

“A big highlight is the program recording seven wins,” Coach Koenig said. “But other positives to take away from this season are developing a family culture. Starting to move the program in the direction to be competing in the postseason. The little things will get us to the next level.”

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Sean Whitley is a sports writer for The Lorian.

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