Keeping up with Kappes: ‘Ram’-ing into issues

In recent weeks, there have been a lot of changes to the NFL, and the Rams seem to be at the middle of it all.
As mentioned in the last issue, the L.A. Rams made crazy moves by trading for Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib. Both of these corners are definitely top tier in their positions. The Rams have continued their trade frenzy by acquiring wide receiver Brandin Cooks from the New England Patriots.

Brandin Cooks has been jumping teams a lot in the past seasons. Even though the Rams mark his third team, Cooks has been in the league for four seasons. He is only 24 years-old. Cooks was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in 2014. He was a first round pick and 20th overall for his draft class.

During his first three seasons with the Saints, he snagged 215 catches while being targeted 315 times. Cooks also managed to rake in a total of 20 touchdowns while he was a Saint. He was then traded to the New England Patriots in 2017 in exchange for a first and third round pick.

His career with New England was short-lived, though. Cooks only stayed for one season where he totaled 65 catches on 114 targets. He also scored seven touchdowns for the Patriots. The Rams wanted Cooks next, and they were willing enough to trade a first and sixth round pick for this upcoming draft. The Patriots handed over Cooks and a fourth round pick for this year’s draft.

The Rams weren’t satisfied yet, and they turned the attention towards the defensive line unit. They snagged Ndamukong Suh from the free agency where the Miami Dolphins had recently cut him to save money. Suh is a former first round pick, second overall, from the 2010 NFL draft. He was selected by the Detroit Lions and spent his first five seasons with them.

While with the Lions, Suh pulled in 181 tackles and 36 sacks. Suh’s time in Detroit ended in 2015 when he left the team in free agency, but soon after he was signed by the Miami Dolphins on a six year contract.

However, he was only in Miami for half that time before being released from the team’s roster. He managed to gather a total of 108 tackles and 15.5 sacks while in Miami.

Suh is now on his way to L.A. to see what he can do for an already-powerful defensive line. Suh is a five-time Pro Bowler and a three-time All Pro. He will join Aaron Donald in L.A. who is a four-time Pro Bowler and also a three-time All Pro. The defensive line looks to be unstoppable and has been the talk of community.

Fans from all over are wondering what offensive unit can stand up to the Rams recently buffed up defense. The Rams had a record of 10-6 last season, and they only seem to be getting better. What does Suh bring to the defense? And will Brandin Cooks have a better season with Jared Goff targeting him?

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James Kappes is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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