Indoor and Outdoor: Not so Simple

DUBUQUE – The indoor and outdoor seasons of track and field may seem pretty similar. You’re still running, throwing, and jumping, right? Well yes, but it isn’t as simple as that. There are plenty of differences between the indoor and outdoor seasons.

The Loras Track & Field team puts their focus on the outdoor season more than the indoor season. This is because outdoor is at the end, so emphasis is entirely on the Conference meet in may. There’s more emphasis because there’s also more events. In outdoor, there are new events like Javelin, Steeplechase, 400m hurdles, and 10k. Since there are different events, their training is very different. The Duhawks change up their training in preparation for the outdoor season. More speed, more intensity, more work, some of the athletes will say. With a new¬†atmosphere, a new problem also arises. Weather now plays a factor at meets. Instead of having a controlled climate inside, they now have to worry about conditions such as rain, wind, and, in some cases, the cold.

In the end, going from an indoor track to an outdoor one, can be quite the change for any athlete.

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Jack is a freshman at Loras College and a reporter for LCTV SportsZONE. He is from Chicago, Illinois and plans to major in Media Studies with a minor in Business. He is on the the Cross Country and Track & Field teams as well as a member of DuBuddies. Jack enjoys creative writing, and hopes to become a writer for TV/Film after graduation.

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