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DUBUQUE, IA — Dubuque Hempstead High School’s freshman football team is undefeated so far this season — racking up 229 points in eight games. Many of those points are courtesy of their brand-new kicker. Not only is this kicker a rookie… she’s also a girl.

“After the previous year of soccer,” said 14-year old Kayley Weiland, freshman on Dubuque Hempstead’s football team, “all of the parents were saying you should kind of go out for football, you know you’d be good at it. I went out to the field and started kicking and I started making a lot and so I was like okay maybe I will go out.”

Freshman Kayley Weiland has played 7 years of basketball and 8 years of futbol. But this year…she wanted to try out for football.

“My Dad didn’t really want me to because I’m like his little baby girl. My Mom was like yes you should definitely go out…that would be so much fun!”

Her brother Matt plays on the Mustang varsity squad. He says having his little sister in the program has actually been fun.

“It’s kinda been the same as last year. It’s kinda cool..people come up to me and say you’re that guy whose sister plays football.”

Kayley’s also helping create a memorable season for Coach Don Pirkle, in his first year as head freshman coach.

“We as coaches…we really stress being a family, being a band of brothers. So, now instead of being a band of brothers, we’re a band of brothers plus a sister.”

And this family has bonded together to make this season…a successful one.

Kayley says, “Even though I’m the only girl, it’s been a lot of fun. I’m a lot closer to the guys now and now they’re like best buds with me.”

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