Goal Keeping Importance

LORAS COLLEGE- Goal Keepers don’t really choose to be goal keepers… At least for Maria Siebels.

“I was kind of put as a keeper because when I started playing I was only 9th grade and I didn’t develop any skills as a child, so they were like oh you’re really bad, you’re so bad, and so they were like let’s just put you in goal” Siebels laughs as she recalls her past playing soccer.

Even though she didn’t choose, she fell in love with the toughness that comes along with the job.

“The girls will run theirs legs into the ground, we kind of run our bodies into the ground by like slamming into the turf over and over again.”

She also loves the planning in the back field.

Women’s Head Soccer Coach, Matt Pucci, talks about the importance of the goalie, “I think goalies have an advantage in that regard where they can see the whole play. They can kind of see what’s going on and be a voice back there to help direct the defenders and what they are supposed to.”

By directing the defenders, Maria calls herself a traffic director. She directs the players where they should go while stopping crashes in the net.

Siebels talks about being a traffic director, “I get to direct traffic from the behind and so I have to be super vocal, talking to the players all the time, directing traffic, and yeah there is a lot of pressure but the more you get used to it, the more it becomes second nature.” That second nature has gotten Siebels a few shut outs for the winning record at the beginning of the season.

But if the Traffic Director does her job than the rest of the team can drive down the field without any speed bumps.

“That’s what is keeping us in games and getting us some wins. Being strong in the back helps us win those one goal games,” Pucci reflects on Siebels in the net.

And that’s the goal.

“Getting the shut outs are obviously huge. I kind of like the confidence that comes with being a goalie. That’s what I like the most, being able to hold your team to a standard.”

And hopefully that standard brings the team far into the season.

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