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DUBUQUE – As a freshman in college, most students are calling home on Skype between weekend visits back to their hometown. Homesickness sets in just a few days after the honeymoon stage of beginning a new chapter of life wears off. For seven freshman this year, however, the narrative is a little different.

Comprising of just under half the varsity roster, the new recruits for Duhawk basketball are making a splash. Two of the members of the star recruiting class, Mike Mims, and Ryan DiCanio, found their way into the starting line up on opening night, something that isn’t easy to do. Their freshman counterparts, Demond George, and Austin Rix joined the two on the floor getting playing time in the season opener, a win against Edgewood.

Having such a young nucleus of talent is a great sign for the future. Scoring playing time as a freshman is every athlete’s goal, and it is truly a great accomplishment.

While looking towards the junior and senior year for this class is exciting to imagine, this group acknowledges that their is a more important goal to be focused on: Winning this year. While the potential to be great in the future is nice, there are juniors and seniors on this years team who want that time to be now, and the freshman want to help make that a reality. Providing leadership for the young talent on the team not only helps the program in the future, it also helps the upperclassmen looking to utilize the talent of their younger teammates.

With a nice mixture of experienced playmakers, and future stars in the making, the Duhawk basketball team brings an excitement to the gym that Loras hasn’t seen in a long time.

As a fan, and a reporter i’m excited to see where this group can go.

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Aidan is a sophomore at Loras College from Port Washington, WI. Aidan was an Associate Producer of SportsZONE last fall. This year, Aidan is a Co-producer and Anchor of Sports Shorts for LCTV News, and remains an Associate Producer and reporter for SportsZONE. Aidan enjoys working Live Sports, having experience announcing color, directing, and crewing those shows.

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