For the Love of the Game


Athletes know the risk of injury, despite this they continue to play hard, even if they’ve already had a serious injury.

Injuries are not something that can be avoided in any sport, ranging from ankle sprains, to broken fingers, to dislocated shoulders. This is enough of a reason for some to never set foot on a field or court. But these athletes continue to play almost everyday, fully aware of this risk.

Even if an athlete has had a serious injury and is fully recovered, the risk doesn’t just go away. Athletic trainer, Samantha Griffith, explains that once an athlete is injured, be it severe or simple, the risk of the injury happening again is increased exponentially. However, the athletes just keep playing.

Some say that they play because they love the sport so much and can’t imagine life without it. Others express that it’s a time for them to get out frustration, forget about the rest of their day, and feel like themselves. Despite their different reasonings, it is unanimously agreed that playing is worth the risk.

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