Duhawks lead 3-0 Victory against Greenville Panthers

On Saturday, February 15th, the Loras Duhawks faced off against their competitors, the Greenville Panthers.

Coming off the heels of a 3-0 defeat against the Benedictine Eagles, the Duhawks were looking for redemption against the Greenville Panthers.

The Duhawks took an early lead, but it was Number 7 Andres Martinez who ensured a Set 1 victory, hammering out a set winning kill, giving the Duhawks a 25-14 victory in Set 1.

Coming into the Second Set, The Panthers pounced their way to an early lead, but the Duhawks clawed their way back, once again taking control of the scoreboard.  Middle Blockers Patrick Mahoney and Ian Walsh kept the Panthers caged out, allowing Freshmen Setter Joe Horn to secure the second Duhawk victory, with this set winning kill, 25-14.

The Duhawks started slow on set 3, until Junior Rightside Hitter Patrick Hollander had the serve, bringing the Duhawks to a 13-9 lead.  The Duhawks kept their lead over the Panthers, which let Freshmen Outside Hitter Hayden Castle to score the match winning point, giving Duhawks the victory.

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