Duhawks defeated by Augustana Vikings, 3-1.

The Loras College Men’s Volleyball Team played host to the Augustana Vikings, Tuesday night in the AWC.

Starting the game out strong, The Duhawks clawed past the Vikings for an early lead, with kills by Freshmen Outside Hitter Dorian Fiorenza furthering their lead.  But it was Freshmen Outside Hitter Jake Filotto that scored the set winning point and the Duhawks took set one, 25-17

The Duhawks were looking turn a win into a winning streak, taking the early lead in set 2.  However, the Vikings had other plans, fighting hard against the Duhawks, ultimately taking the scoreboard back from the Duhawks, and winning the set 25-23.

Coming into Set 3, an early lead by the Vikings was quickly overtaken by the Duhawks.  But the errors started racking up, leading to a shut out by the Vikings.  The Vikings took set 3, 25-23. 

The Duhawks struggled to keep up with the Vikings in Set 4.   Despite a valiant effort by Rightside Hitter Ian Walsh, the Vikings were able to take command of the scoreboard, sinking the Duhawks chance at a comeback, and taking Set 4, 25-20.  The Vikings took the game 3-1.

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