Duhawk Spotlight: Kaitlyn Kutsch

LORAS COLLEGE –  Sophomore lacrosse player Kaitlyn Kutsch was named the Midwest Women’s Lacrosse Conference Offensive Player of the Week this week. She had nine goals during Saturday’s game at the Illinois Institute of Technology, setting a Loras College record. Needless to say, Kutsch is the star of SportsZONE’s latest Duhawk Spotlight.

Kutsch was initially committed to attending the University of Tulsa, but changed her mind late in the summer. After visiting Loras and talking with family and friends, she decided being a Duhawk was a better fit for her.

The Dubuque native played soccer throughout her high school career, but didn’t attempt lacrosse until she came to Loras.

“Actually the week I got here, the very first week, someone on the team was talking to me about something and I said, ‘Oh, I’ve never tried lacrosse, but I would love to try that someday!’… and so I went in to talk to the coach and said I was thinking about trying it and she said, ‘Okay great! Here’s your stick, here’s your goggles, here’s everything! See you at practice!’… and I was like ‘Oh! I guess I’m committed!'” she explained.

Kutsch thinks lacrosse is similar to soccer, except for having a stick in your hand and not being able to use your feet. One of her favorite parts about the game is walking onto the field. She says there is no greater feeling than that and that she loves being a Loras lacrosse player.

“Loras College Athletics has taught me teamwork, dedication, discipline and definitely perseverance,”  says Kutsch.

After just picking up the stick and goggles, Kutsch has become a star of the women’s lacrosse team and says she is more than excited for the next two years.

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