Duhawk Spotlight – James Buss

LORAS COLLEGE — ┬áThis week we shined the Duhawk Spotlight on sophomore sensation James Buss. James Buss has been wrestling at Loras College for two years.

When asked what his favorite part about practice was, he had this to say, “My favorite part about practice is when we get to go live… It’s just one of those things were you’re going as hard as you can and it’s like you’re going to get a take down here or there. You’re out there on the mat already, it’s not just like you’re practicing or going through the motions. You actually are able to go live and keep going and going and going.”

Loras wrestling has had a big impact on Buss. He explains, “Loras college has really taught me anything from being the person I am now to be going out and helping everyone and to the basic fundamentals of wrestling.”

After Loras, Buss plans on going into secondary education. He wants to be a high school English teacher and from there he, “want[s] to be able to coach so [he] can put the kids [he] coach[es] in the position [he] is possible in right now.”

Buss is currently ranked third in the country this season. The regional tournament is this weekend and if he wins that he will get the number two seed down at nationals.

When asked how he is preparing he said, “My big thing is not to worry about it too much or not to talk about it too much and then just going out there.x

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