Duhawk Spotlight: Hannah Wilson

LORAS COLLEGE – Duhawk goalie Hannah Wilson stole this weeks Duhawk Spotlight in SportsZONE.

Wilson came to Loras following her two sisters, and joined the soccer team to work hard to be the best goalie she can be.

In the team she is considered to be the jokester. Her teammates describe her as funny and outgoing, and they have an endless supply of stories in which she has made them laugh.

As a senior on the team, she acts as a leader for the goalies and the players in the defense. Time has passed by really fast, but before she graduates she would like to advance as much as possible in Conference with the soccer team, and she wants to have a successful year with the student organization she is co-president of, OVE+R. After Loras, she wants to go to law school at Madison.

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