Duhawk Spotlight – Dan Figura

There are a lot of pieces that have to fit in order for a team to succeed, and one important ingredient is leadership. When you look at the Loras Men’s Soccer team, there is one true leader for the Duhawks.

The anchor for the Duhawks defense…Dan Figura.

“He can lead us to victories. He can shut out a team by himself,” says Duhawks goalkeeper, Dylan Milkent. “He makes my job so much easier. Sometimes I don’t have to do anything for an entire game all because of him.”

Even though Figura knew from a young age that soccer was his sport…he never stopped improving his game.

“I started playing soccer when I could walk,” says Dan Figura, defender for the Men’s Soccer team. “When I would play for different teams and learn different things, I would wanna get better and better and better.”

One thing that a lot of people don’t realize is the fact that Figura wasn’t always a defender. He didn’t even start playing in the backfield until the end of his high school career.

“My whole life I was a midfielder. It was not until my senior year of high school when I was the tallest guy on my team. My coaches threw me at defense so when I was going to all of the showcases and all the combines, all these college coaches saw me as an inexperienced defender”

Now, being a senior captain, Figura realizes that how important each position is on the field.

“When you get to a higher level of soccer, yes you do wanna score all of the goals, you wanna get all of the fame, but everyone has their own responsibility on the field.”

As for his teammate in the net, Dylan Milkent thinks Figura will always be remembered in the purple and gold.

“When you’re out there…you just feel like he’s never gonna let you down out there so you play as hard as you can for him every second you are on the field. He’s definitely become one of the greatest players in Loras history.”

As for Dan, the fame isn’t important to him. Him, and the rest of the men, have one final goal for this school that will send them to the record books after falling short in 2012.

“That national championship…that’s our first goal that we’re focusing on this year, and it’s our last goal and it’s something that we just really want to get for this program and for this school.”

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