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LORAS COLLEGE – Alex Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico, where his dad played baseball. They moved to the U.S. when Alex was 6, to the southwest side of Chicago. His dad continued to play fast pitch softball there. One of his fellow players was coaching a little league baseball team. He saw Alex play for fun at the park and told Alex’s dad he should sign his son up.

Ever since Alex started playing baseball at age 10, his love for baseball grew immensely. Alex says, “There’s something about baseball that you can’t really describe with words. Just putting on the cleats, putting on that uniform, walkin’ on that dirt and grass. It’s just an awesome feeling.”

Alex goes into detail about how baseball has been a great influence on his life. He says, “Through baseball, I’ve been able to do a lot of things. I’ve played in U.S. Cellular field, which is the Chicago White Sox ballpark. We actually just got to travel to the Dominican Republic. Baseball is just one of those sports that just brings everyone together.”

What does Alex enjoy most about baseball? The competition. He explains, “When you’re in the batter’s box, it’s just you and the pitcher. No body else. It’s the only sport where defense has the ball when you’re on offense, and that just makes it fun.”

Alex says it will be tough leaving Loras and his baseball career behind, but, “when we leave, we’ll leave a good example for the kids that are going to come and keep playing for the program.” He wants to make sure “the program stays in good hands when [they] leave.”

Alex says, “this is definitely one of the best decisions [he’s] ever made in [his] life… coming to Loras.”

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