Duhawk Claire Murphy reacts to ESPN

LORAS COLLEGE – No matter what level of sports an athlete plays at it is always cool to make it on ESPN. For Division III Loras College soccer player Claire Murphy, watching herself on ESPN’s top 10 plays was a whole new level, “My roommate and I were watching it and we were like these are professional play like there’s no way that we could be in this right now or that we would be ahead of like the number 10 and number 9 player and then it kept counting down and we had seen number five or six was a play from st. johns ok so maybe they are including colleges in it and then all of the sudden it was like number 3 and we were just like oh my god just seeing the rock bowl go up on the tv it was just like crazy unreal.”

In literally one second Claire become a national sensation, “Everybody has been tweeting and it’s all over social media so it’s really funny because people I haven’t seen or talked to in years are like Claire I saw you on ESPN.”

Now that Claire has made one appearance on ESPN, she joking says, “One time’s enough.”

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Joel is a senior at Loras College and a Dubuque native. Joel is the Producer for SportsZONE, as well as anchor, reporter and commentator for Live Sports. Joel has spent past summers as a sports intern for KCCI-TV in Des Moines and has also interned for the Iowa Cubs video team. Joel has a strong passion for sports and loves to be involved in the community.

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