Courtney Boyd steals this week’s Duhawk Spotlight

LORAS COLLEGE – As a senior in the volleyball team, Courtney Boyd sits down and talks about Loras, and the family she has formed with her team. Boyd started playing competition volleyball when she was 8 years-old, and nothing has stopped her since then.

When looking for colleges, Boyd had no interest in coming to Loras. However, the volleyball coach, a family friend, invited her to visit campus, and Boyd fell in love with the college. Here, she is a part of the Sports Management program, where she has found a lot of support. Boyd believes that everyone in the program is really close and they push each other to do their best.

As a senior, Boyd recognizes that she has learned a lot and grown as a person during her time at Loras. She considers that Loras has taught her to be a role model on and off the volleyball court. In her major, she has been able to guide sophomores who ask for advice on classes and life in general. Boyd also feels like she is a leader on the team. As the only senior, she is like the mother, helping everyone else be on time, having everything where it needs to be, and keeping each other accountable.

Throughout her time at Loras, Boyd feels like the volleyball team has been a family to her, and she cherishes every moment she gets to spend with her teammates. Whether it is practices or games, lifting or road trips, being with the team has been her favorite part of her Loras experience.

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