Combining for Conditioning

Softball and basketball athletes conditioning side-by-side.
Softball and basketball athletes conditioning side-by-side.

Every morning, Duhawk athletes join together for one reason, but this is the first time they’ve had to do it together.With softball in fall ball, and basketball in preseason, both are trying to condition. Coach Edwards says, “We can get the same type of workouts done, so we combined the two teams together, it works out very well.”

This change is primarily for time efficiency—Coach explains, “We can train the female teams together, still accomplish what we want to, without having to bring teams in later at night.” For that reason, the weight room is extremely busy from 6am-8am—training over 100 athletes in this period.

Initially, some athletes were concerned about not having specialized workouts for their sport. But Coach says combined training doesn’t negatively impact the quality of the workout. “My job is to make you a better athlete, make you stronger, faster, and to prevent injuries,” he elaborates.

The teams have adapted to this change and are using one another to step up their game. Instead of just competing against their teammates, they are now challenging athletes of all kinds.

“We’re all in the weight room together, putting in the work, and that’s gonna help us, on the field and on the court,” comments senior, softball player Molly Bolibaugh.

This hard work is not only improving their skill, but also providing support for both their teams and one another.

Senior, basketball member Katie Wheeler comments, “There’s a ton of us, so, we experience more of what it means to be an athlete and know more athletes. Duhawks supporting Duhawks!”

It may be early in the season– and early in the morning–but through working together, they can grow stronger than ever before.

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