Close, but no cigar, for men’s tennis team

The Duhawks hosted the Buena Vista Beavers this past Saturday and had their best chance to date to get their first win of the year. They were able to take two of the three doubles matches, but couldn’t finish the job in singles competition. The Beavers were able to pick up four singles wins to secure the victory, 5-4.

“We really put a lot of emotion and heart into Saturday,” said head coach Ryan Troge. “A lot of guys took it pretty tough. We just really want that first win.”

The success in doubles for the Duhawks was once again led by senior Brian Falvey. He, along with his partner first-year Zach Atzen, were able to get the first win of the day by a close margin, 8-6. The Duhawks were able to keep the ball rolling with their next doubles match, as first-year Justin VanWambeke and junior Ulises Hernandez also grabbed an 8-6 win. Sophomore Jason Derby and senior Jack O’Brien dropped the third doubles match, 8-5.

Falvey started out the singles matchups with a valiant effort, but fell to Chris Habermann in straight sets 6-4, 7-5. Derby and Hernandez grabbed the two victories for the Duhawks. Derby was able to defeat Grant Wright 6-4, 6-2, while Hernandez showed his dominance defeating Will Connelly 6-0, 6-0. However, it was not enough as the Duhawks were not able to crack through for the first win of the year.

“Sport is like life,” said Troge. “Of course you want to win, be successful and so forth. No one wants to fail. The difference between life and sport is a sport gives you an opportunity to start over again and change your approach. Life doesn’t always give you that opportunity.”

The men got another opportunity Wednesday against Iowa Conference foe Luther College. For the late result, visit

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