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The Kansas City Chiefs continue to unload their roster since the most recent trade with the Los Angeles Rams. The Chiefs sent Marcus Peters and a sixth round pick to the Rams in exchange for this year’s fourth round pick and next year’s second round pick. After the Chiefs traded away Alex Smith, we thought they were just unloading the veteran quarterback. But they haven’t stopped there. They continue to make moves in the offseason, which could possibly move them away from an appearance in the postseason.

With the Smith trade, the Chiefs gained a draft pick and cornerback Kyle Fuller from the Redskins. It makes sense that the Chiefs would use Fuller to gain an advantage in the draft. However, I believe this recent transaction caught a lot of Chiefs fans off guard.

Marcus Peters has been with the Chiefs for the past three seasons. He was drafted by the Chiefs in 2015 in the first round, 18th overall. During his three years in Kansas City, he started in 45 out of 48 games. In those 45 games Peters had 130 tackles and snagged 19 interceptions. He was a huge help for the Chiefs defense, racking up one of the best interception tallies in three seasons. But everything wasn’t as perfect as it would seem from the stats. Peters had some problems that the Chiefs couldn’t seem to overlook. According to a couple of sources, only three teams were actually interested in Peters. The other 28 teams were said to have given a hard pass on obtaining the cornerback. The other team that wanted to trade for Peters was the 49ers. Apparently, the Chiefs decided that the offer the Rams had was better, and they went with it.

The Los Angeles Rams had an electrifying season in which they had 11 wins and an appearance in the postseason. But their postseason was cut short when they lost in the wild card round to the Falcons. They also had an  offensive player of the year (Todd Gurley), a defensive player of the year (Aaron Donald), and coach of the year. The Rams are looking forward to a return to the post season; they confirmed that by acquiring Peters from the Chiefs. His dynamite skills at the cornerback position can be a major benefit to them. If the Rams can get a handle on his problematic nature, then they could be Super Bowl contenders.

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James Kappes is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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