Chemistry Leads to Success for Dickhut Sisters

LORAS COLLEGE – The best talent in the world could be assembled on the same team, but if they don’t have chemistry, then it is all for nothing. Jessica and Elizabeth bring a whole new meaning to the word chemistry and it is has a lot to do with them being sisters. The connection they have allows them to work well together and also know what to say to each other in pressure situations. While getting to know them, I noticed they were fun- loving people who not only enjoyed tennis, but life in general. They really brought life to everything they did. Normally athletes are passionate about their sports from birth, but this was not the case for the Dickhut sisters. When they first started playing, they hated it.

“I almost quit in middle school, I dreaded going. Once I was on a team and just wasn’t traveling with my parents, I realized this was fun,” said Jessica

Luckily for everyone, they found their passion for tennis and brought their talents to Loras. It didn’t seem like the legacy would start after Elizabeth decided not to join the team freshman year. However, three years later she is about to graduate and has noticed the drastic improvements the Lady Duhawks have made.

“My sophomore year the team was more informal. Now we have had time to bring some great players in like my sister and we had a great freshman class come in this year. This is really changed the dynamic of the team,” said Elizabeth.

The duo will be missed next season as Elizabeth graduates, but for now they are just living in the moment and making memories that will last throughout their family for the rest of their lives.



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