Central rallies to ruin strong Loras start

photos by Natalie Droeske

The Duhawks came out with a big surprise Saturday against Central by previewing the new American flag ‘L’ worn on the side of their helmets. Loras wore these in honor of military appreciation day at the Rock Bowl, however, they could not pull off the win.

Last year, the Duhawks pulled off a major upset against the Dutch at the Rock Bowl, but this year they came back with a vengeance. The Dutch came out and had the Duhawks do a 3-and-out. Then, with their first possession they managed a touchdown. It was answered back with a drive by the Duhawks and sophomore Nolan Baumhover squeaking into the end zone with a quarterback sneak.

The second quarter was a big one for the Duhawks. The Dutch scored shortly into the second quarter to take the lead. However, when the Duhawks scored again, they didn’t go for a tie game. They took the lead with a pass to senior Damon Davies for a two-point conversion. The Duhawks furthered their lead by having senior Zach Minch run the ball in for a three-yard touchdown. With 41 seconds left in the half, the Dutch scored, but Loras held on to a 22-21 lead.

touchdownWhen the Duhawks came back out, they eventually scored with a 17-yard pass to sophomore Brad Boelkow. However, junior Mason Quigley had his point-after-touchdown (PAT) blocked to make it only a seven point lead. The vengeance of the Dutch seemed unlikely until Central went on a touchdown spree scoring 21 unanswered points. This left the Duhawks behind and hopes being questioned. With 4-minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Duhawks had a touchdown pass to senior Jon Powers. Quigley, for the third time, missed a field goal to put the Duhawks down by 8-points. The Dutch got the ball back and clinched the win with a first down, ultimately defeating the Duhawks 42-34.

The season has been very upsetting for the Duhawks so far. Only six more games remain in the season. The hopes of a win haven’t completely left the Duhawks. Minch mentioned that the team is still pursuing a win, especially with Homecoming approaching.

“I think we are using motivation right now. We are sitting here 0-4 and believe we are using motivation of all those losses to take it out on Buena Vista. I mean, it is Homecoming, so I know as a senior, I do want to win this game, and many others do want to get their first win on the team.”

Minch also talked about how strong the team is together.

“Right now we are sticking together. Most teams at this point would probably think ‘oh we’re 0-4, we have no chance to win anything.’ You know, we’re keeping the mindset of we can still win a championship and we can still make something happen. Right now I feel like it is a strong bond, a brotherhood.”

This coming week, the Duhawks take on Buena Vista for Homecoming at the Rock Bowl at 1 p.m. The Duhawks then go on the road for two weeks in a row.

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