Bryzzo: A bromance for the books

Sitting together on the bench between innings, Hawks games, long travels, photoshoots, rounds of golf, Twitter banter, and connection on the field all make up the iconic friendship of Chicago Cubs players Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzozf. The MLB deems them “the muscle of the Chicago Cubs lineup,” but it goes so much deeper than that.

Third-baseman Bryant, 24, hits in the number two slot ahead of first-baseman Rizzo, 27. In an interview the duo did together with Bob Costas in early Sept., Costas who compares them to legends Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle.

This makes sense considering their appearance in the starting lineup (along with fellow Cubs players Ben Zobrist and Addison Russell) of the National League’s All-Star Team was nothing short of the fact that they’re both competing for the MLB’s MVP award. Together they share the highest on base percentage of any two teammates in the league, truly setting them apart from any normal two teammates.

Even non-Cubs fans I’m sure have heard of the serious bromance these two have going on. I mean they’re both pretty hard to ignore, if you know what I mean. Let’s just say there have definitely been more women watching ESPN than usual.
Last year, Bryzzo hit a really rough patch in their relationship when Bryant decided to go and propose to his girlfriend of eight years on Dec. 29, which he then flaunted on Twitter shortly after. Fans couldn’t believe it.  The heartbroken Rizzo came back with a tweet of his own: “It’s a night of crying and pouring my feelings into ice cream now that Bryzzo is over. JK congrats u 2 lovebirds.”

If this doesn’t offer some insight into the strength and playfulness of their friendship, you’ll have to check out Bryzzo Souvenir Co. for some further affirmation.

The duo put together a spoof for the MLB in April where the two became entrepreneurs for the appropriately named Bryzzo Souvenir Co. where they send fans “the home-run balls they deserve.” Complete with logo and shipping, Bryzzo makes sure that each ball is authenticated by their bats. Very official. My personal favorite part of the “launch” video is when Rizzo asks Bryant if they ship to St. Louis and Bryant just shakes his head. Who doesn’t love a good Cardinal crack?

They also enjoy spreading their good times by poking fun at catcher David Ross, calling the 39-year-old Grandpa Rossy and making fun of his greying hair, as well as Jon Lester who played a major role in getting Rizzo to the majors in the first place after a bout with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

To stay light, Rizzo also recently shared some fun with the verified Chicago Cubs handle (@Cubs), who was giving away actual Bryzzo Souvenir Co. t-shirts. Bryant and Rizzo should be the first to have them right?

Even if you’re not a Cubs fan — actually, even if you’re not a baseball fan — anyone can see and support the strength of the Bryzzo dream.

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