Behind the Scenes at Loras: Spotlight on Brandon Stanek


On this series, we have covered just about every part of behind the scenes on campus: from custodial, to food service and even the business office. One area of campus life we haven’t covered yet though is sports.

When it comes to sports, the faces you typically see are the players, the coaches, and the fans. However, the MVPs behind the scenes are the athletic training staff, and one of those unsung heroes is Brandon Stanek. 

      “Brandon, he just works his butt off especially this year with him being the AT (athletic trainer) for four teams at one time. So he’s just constantly working, and I really appreciate it”

Drew Brase – Student Athlete, Men’s Cross Country and Track

The job of an Athletic trainer is to work with athletes to make sure they’re staying safe and healthy as they both practice and compete. They work crazy hours, but Stanek says, it’s all for the athletes.

Stanek wraps an athlete’s ankle before practice

Specifically, Brandon works with men’s and women’s soccer, women’s lacrosse, as well as men’s and women’s track and field making sure that they are staying safe.

On a typical day, he gets to Graber at about 8 AM while most athletes are still in class, and he uses this time to do paperwork dealing with insurance, giving the athletes the clearance to play, and any other office odds and ends. Then, it’s onto prepping athletes for practice. He makes sure that everyone is stretched, wrapped, and ready to go before practice and then at practice, he looks out for any injuries. 

Stanek checks athlete’s temperature as part of daily health screenings

In addition to their normal daily routine, pandemic protocols now make Brandon and the other trainers front line workers. Preventing the spread of COVID-19 wasn’t something they were taught when studying to be athletic trainers, but what they were taught is how to adapt to any health situation that may arise for their athletes. 

And that’s just what they’re doing! Brandon and the other trainers are now in charge of making sure athletes complete their daily screening in order to practice. This includes a daily survey of symptoms and temperature checks, as well as running Covid self-testing for the athletes at least once a week. 

Although Brandon works long, hard hours, especially during the pandemic, he still believes it is all worth it

We do all the hard work so that they can compete and get the glory on the weekends. They always appreciate what we do, and it solidifies why we chose the job that we did!

Brandon Stanek – Assistant Athletic Trainer
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