Bears look formidable

With the NFL 2017-2018 football season underway, fans are teeming with excitement. Whether you’re a Chargers or a Dolphins fan, you’ve probably been itching to see your favorite players come out to win a championship.
During a thrilling game on Sunday, the Bears had a chance for a game-winning drive, which was thwarted on the goal line. Still, Bears fans have something to be excited about. Chicago played the Atlanta Falcons, former 2016-2017 Super Bowl contenders. Although the Bears lost, the future seems bright for them.

First, their defense looked very strong. According to ESPN, the Bears held Atlanta to 64 rushing yards. Compare that to last year’s numbers, in which they gave up 108.4 yards per game. This is a huge difference. The secondary held Atlanta’s best receiver Julio Jones to four receptions for 66 yards. This is the guy who had 300 yards in just one game last year. The D-line managed to come up with two sacks and a plethora of tackles-for-loss, playing a great opening game. The Bears proved they can keep up with one of the premier teams in the league. Now, they just have to come out and do it every game.

What was most concerning before the game was the offense. With an unproven quarterback, the game could’ve been much worse. Instead, Mike Glennon completed 65 percent of their passes for 176 yards and no interceptions, which is a relief for those of us who remember the common occurrence of Jay Cutler interceptions.

What was most impressive was the run game. The Bears had 125 yards rushing on 19 attempts. Jordan Howard was his usual self, with 52 yards and a touchdown. Rookie Tarik Cohen also made his debut. He rushed for 66 yards on five attempts, including a run of 46 yards. He also led all receivers with eight catches for 47 yards. If the league didn’t know who he was before the game, it definitely does now. An electric backfield is something Bears fans have been waiting years for.

With the offense and defense playing so well, it’ll be very interesting to see what they can do for the rest of the season. Hopefully, they gained some confidence after realizing they can keep up with one of the best teams in the league and carry this confidence to next week when they play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Maybe with this new found confidence, they can get a win next week and many more for the rest of the season.

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Gerrand Moody is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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