An unusual time for a rising team

By Jorge A. Ramirez-Artuz (TheLorian)

Coming back to classes for the Fall semester always means a fresh new start for the Women’s Soccer team in Loras College. New hopes, new players, new goals. The only exception lies on the fact that due to unprecedented circumstances, this team will not be competing this semester but the following one, which means parents and supporters that come to the games will have to wait a few more months in order to cheer for the Duhawks.

As many people already know, The American Rivers Conference decided to postpone the fall seasons for Football, Volleyball, Men’s Soccer and Women’s Soccer due to COVID-19 related reasons. This decision means that the Fall semester will now be used as a time to build and strengthen the team, as well as preparing a successful season that could be the start of a sensational generation for Loras College Athletics.

Despite not making it into the National tournament last season after not winning the American Rivers Conference Final, Loras Women’s Soccer was known for having an incredible roster with positive leaders that made a remarkable impact for the program’s history. Is this year going to be similar? Seniors Katie Celarek and Kiki Cabrera feel very positive about the upcoming freshman ladies who were recruited in order to help the team get back on track, and fight to earn a spot on the National spotlight.

“The seniors who left had an amazing influence on the team, and they will truly be missed. We were lucky to have them. Fortunately for us, we also brought a bunch of new players that worked hard over the summer in order to show up in good conditions, and prove that they deserve a spot in the starting lineup. It is one of the greatest first year classes I have seen during my time in Loras. There is a lot of talent amongst all them,” stated Cabrera. The future is looking bright for the Women’s team after welcoming so many prospects who are ready to write history under the guidance of Matt Pucci (08’), and Jill Leibforth (16’).

Celarek is another example of ambition and success in the program. Her main desire is to leave a legacy in Loras not only as a leader, but as a teammate.

“I hope we can strive for success as a team and we set an example for the people coming to play soccer at Loras College in the future. I would really love to graduate after winning an American Rivers Conference Tournament, and making it as far as possible on a National scale,” Celarek said.

“We are trying to be the best we can be both mentally and physically before the season starts. That is what we agreed upon since the beginning of the semester. We are a successful program and we want to keep creating history,” Celarek said when asked about her objectives for the season. Celarek was very clear with the ambition there is amongst the players.

It is just a matter of time until competition returns to the Rock bowl Stadium. The players will have to wait, but it is already time to start building.  


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