Alumni approved: track & field celebrates their alums

One week following an unforgettable NCAA Championships in Boston, MA, the Loras Track & Field team was able to ease back into regular season competition with their annual “alumni meet.” With the start of outdoor season less than two weeks away, this event was the perfect opportunity for members of the team to decompress, have a lot of fun, and welcome back former Loras track & field student-athletes.

The shenanigans began early in the high jump, where senior Anakin Hall went with the illegal act of using a springboard, an act that is frowned upon by the NCAA. He cleared 5’2” with the springboard, but many questioned his integrity with regards to the event. Afterward, Hall was asked about the cheating allegations, saying,

“Cheating, it doesn’t exist…show me in the rulebook where it says you can’t use a springboard in the high jump.”

Former jumper and current Loras alumni Sarah Schoel, who also participated in the event, commented on the situation, saying,

“I never saw him, so can’t accuse him. As far as I’m concerned, it was perfectly legal.”

The NCAA was considering looking into these allegations, but since the meet didn’t count, they decided to drop the investigation.

The high jump, however, was not the only event that took place this past Saturday, March 16. Many also competed in the shot-put competition. Senior Garrett Hammond, a thrower on the team, may have won “best dressed of the meet,” as he competed dressed as a giant banana. Another favorite among the events was the 60-meter spinning stick dash. This competition consisted of athletes running a 60-meter dash, reaching the end and picking up a PVC pipe, spinning around 10 times with their heads resting on the top of the PVC, and then having to run the 60-meter dash back to the starting line. It was an idea that everyone could “wrap their head around.”

Finally, a distance competition took place outdoors with Bob Schultz as the moderator. He employed the very strange tactic of handing out candy to the athletes during the race. When asked about this, he replied,

“We give this to the athletes halfway through the race as a boost of energy. Very nutritious!”

However, regardless of the questionable rule changes and poor nutrition guidelines, this meet was a great place for athletes to have fun and relax before outdoor season, all while interacting with current Loras alumni.

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