Alternative Fitness: Latin Kickboxing


In the fitness world, many people are trying different methods to stay in shape. Pilates, Yoga, and Zumba have taken center stage in the hearts of fitness enthusiasts. Everyone is looking for ways to tone the body without having to run on the treadmill, or be stuck in the gym.

In comes Latin Kickboxing. A mixture between kickboxing, latin dance, and Pilates workouts, Latin Kickboxing has every base covered. The shoulders will burn after all of the punches, hamstring and glutes are engaged during the jumping and crouching, and ab work is done through the entire workout. Everything you need and want all in one place. The best part is, it’s fun!

Ranging from thirty minutes to one hour, Latin Kickboxing is perfect for everyone. From the seasoned veteran, to the first time rookie, Latin Kickboxing can be customized for all parties involved. Even more importantly, the festive music and hip shaking accompanied by the fellowship shared with others makes participants enjoy the physical labor to the point they almost forget they’re working out. However, they still receive the benefits of the workout without the burden of doing conventional methods.

SportsZONE’s Aidan Wojciehowski teamed up with Loras College senior, and Latin Kickboxing instructor, Vanessa Wismeier to give the new workout a try.

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Aidan is a sophomore at Loras College from Port Washington, WI. Aidan was an Associate Producer of SportsZONE last fall. This year, Aidan is a Co-producer and Anchor of Sports Shorts for LCTV News, and remains an Associate Producer and reporter for SportsZONE. Aidan enjoys working Live Sports, having experience announcing color, directing, and crewing those shows.

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