Alex Smith: The Redskin?

One of the most recent happenings in the NFL is a trade that may have caught some fans off guard, as Alex Smith will be on his way to Washington to dawn a Redskins jersey. In this trade, the Chiefs will send their starter from the last five years in exchange for a third round pick and cornerback Kendall Fuller. Upon the deal being made, the Redskins inked another deal with Smith of $94 million dollars over the next four years.

Smith has been the face of the Chiefs quarterback unit for the last five years. During that half-decade, he racked up 17,608 yards, paired with 102 touchdowns and 33 interceptions. He hit his career high this last season, tossing for more than 4,000 yards and 26 touchdowns. Was trading him the best move for the Chiefs?

The Chiefs now turn to their former 10th overall pick, Patrick Mahomes II, to lead the offense next season. Mahomes played in one game last season against the struggling Denver Broncos. He threw for 284 yards, one pick, and no touchdowns.

Though the statistics may not look the greatest, according to, he played against the third best statistical defense this season.

They ranked up as the fourth best passing defense as well. For Mahomes to throw close to 300 yards is a feat in itself, but that he threw against a top five defense is something that Kansas City must have taken into consideration.

Kansas City fans will also get to greet Kendall Fuller. Fuller was drafted in 2016 in the third round by the Redskins. In his two seasons with the Redskins, he has totaled 97 tackles and four interceptions. Kendall snagged all of his pics this last season. This could be a sign of improvement for the two year veteran.

Scot Mccloughan, former Redskins GM, was quoted on Twitter saying “I would have never traded Kendall. He can play inside and outside, he’s high character, young, and a football player.” Kendall will be a great substitute for the Chiefs after parting ways with veteran cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Was this a win-win deal for these two teams? Will Smith strive in Washington after hitting his career high? What of Kirk Cousins, where will he end up? Maybe he will see a career in Cleveland, where they still struggle to collect more wins than losses, or even in Denver, where their offense is in desperate need of a quarterback. What about the surprisingly competitive New York Jets? Could he be holding a green jersey next season? One thing is for sure: I’ll have input on that in the next edition of the Lorian.


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