A Team That Wakes Together, Stays Together


Some people embrace workouts, others avoid them at all costs, but for athletes they come with the trade. Morning workouts especially can be grueling, but they are a huge part of the off season grind and are necessary. Athletes spend countless hours trying to improve their skills, in and out of the weight room, and are constantly being held to high standards by themselves, their teammates, and their coaches. Head Softball Coach Ashely Winter praises the student athletes and says how “It really reflects on their commitment to their respected program and their desire to participate in intercollegiate athletics.”

Overall, it seems that most athletes prefer morning workouts to afternoon, mainly because it frees up the rest of their day. Junior baseball player Luke Leibforth even thinks that it gives him a “mental edge” by lifting in the early hours of the day.

Whether or not these athletes like waking up early, there is one thing that they can all agree on: after a morning practice you have to take a nap.

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