A Runner’s Road Block

Loras College- The Loras Cross Country and Track Team used to hold a set of competitive brothers who ran together, one a senior, one a freshman.

They both grew up together competing in the same sports, swimming, running, and soccer, but there was always one major difference between the two brothers.

“I have dislocated my knee six times and sublexed it twice,” Freshman Brendan Nugent says. Over his years of competing, Brendan has faced many knee injuries because of a genetic makeup in his knees.

Brendan describes it as, “It is socially known as Knock Knees, but what it means is that instead of my knees being in a straight line, at one hundred and eighty degrees, mine are inverted and are at one hundred and twenty degrees.”

After his eighth injury, on the curve of a track, Brendan realized that it was time to do something.

He is going to have surgery. The surgery will remove the patella tendon where it sits now and then be moved to where it belongs, therefore removing the chance of a dislocation. They will then put two screws down into the tibia to secure the tendon.

Brendan knows that he has a long road ahead of him, six to eight months of recovery, but with his families support, he knows he is up for it.

“It’ll be a long road ahead but I know he is ready,” states his older brother, Brien.

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Allison is a senior at Loras and the Executive Producer of SportsZONE. She is a double major in Media Studies and Creative Writing. She has interned at KCRG and looks to continue her career in broadcasting after graduation.

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