A New Sport Comes To Loras!

LORAS COLLEGE – A new team is about to hit the court here at Loras College… Men’s volleyball!

It all started when a freshman and his roommate missed the intermural volleyball sign up. Freshman Neil Bingham decided he wanted to start a club team on campus so he e-mailed Jenna Ness. Jenna Ness and him e-mailed back and forth and this is how the idea of a men’s volleyball team started.

Bob Quinn was included within these e-mail conversations and decided to add this as the college’s 23rd collegiate sport. After this was decided, recruitment began. Bob Quinn worked with the admissions office and started to recruit prospects for this sport. While recruiting students, prospective coaches were being looked for as well.

Bob Quinn says the look for coaches is going well and they have a pool of candidates! Neil Bingham is more than excited for the season to start next spring! Be sure to check out the new men’s volleyball team when they hit the court.

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