A Day In the Life of a Coach: Sam Koenig

DUBUQUE – Before the sun rises over Loras College Sam Koenig has been up for almost two hours. Sam usually wakes up at 5 A.M. every morning to workout and begin his day. Sam says that his ultimate goal is to be the best at everything. He goes into every day with this mentality as the head women’s lacrosse coach at Loras College. Although coaching is his job Sam would say otherwise, “It’s not work, I’m living the dream.” But that doesn’t mean that Sam isn’t busy day in and day out. A normal day for Sam can consist of office work, player meetings, film and notes, practice, and recruit phone calls. Where does he find the motivation you ask? Here’s what Sam had to say, “yeah, the motivation to better the student athletes lives. It’s ultimately not about me it’s providing them the opportunities they want to get, that’s in their own academic career. So getting them internships getting them jobs, but also trying to make sure that they are the best student athlete out there. You know how can we improve them because from what coaches did for me when I was a kid that’s what I want to give back.” And don’t think for a second that he’s not willing to get up and do it all again the next day. Sam explains why he loves what he does, “That’s what’s ultimately fun about the job, is there’s something new every day, it’s not you come in and type on a computer for eight hours and then you go home, it’s always changing, that’s what’s fun about it.”


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