A brief fall recap

This fall was a competitive and exciting time for intramural sports.
Football is traditionally one of the most competitive intramural sports leagues, and this season did not disappoint. Four teams in the league separated themselves from the pack: Big Baller Brand, Duhawks Basketball, Duhawks Basketball 2 and Pull Me for a Good Time. While these two teams had a combined loss total of two throughout the regular season, Duhawks Basketball pulled off a nail-biting victory against Big Baller Brand to advance to championship.

The other semifinal was not as dramatic. A forfeit on behalf of Pull Me for a Good Time resulted in an all Duhawks Basketball championship game. Duhawks Basketball were led by quarterback and junior Ryan Dicanio, and Duhawks Basketball 2 were led by juniors Josh Ruggles and Jake Toman. Duhawks Basketball 2 was able to keep it close for most of the game, but as the game went on the offense of Duhawks Basketball proved to be overpowering. Several touchdown connections to standout wide-receiver JT Ford put the game out of reach. Duhawks Basketball finished the season without a loss and could make a case for one of the best intramural football teams in recent memory. Here are my league awards.

MVP: Ryan Dicanio — he led a high powered offense with his ability to connect with receivers down field and in the end zone. No other player in the league had the same level of impact on their team as Dicanio.

Highlight Machine: JT Ford ­— Ford has an unbelievable ability to bring down passes that other players would have no chance of catching. We did not keep official stats for these games, but with the amount of one handed touchdown catches I witnessed by Ford, I would be shocked if he didn’t lead the league in touchdown receptions.

Most Improved Team: Alabama Tech — this team had an incredible turnaround from last season to this season. Last year they struggled to win a single game, while this season they only lost games to the top four teams in the league.

Basketball season was not nearly as competitive as football, but it was still a fun league to be involved in. There were two teams that dominated the league. Household Appliances and the Golf Ballers torched the league all season long, combining for only one loss among the two of them.

Household Appliances made up primarily of baseball players, dominated every team all-season long. They finished the season by winning a tightly contested championship game against the Golf Ballers.

Household Appliances was led by their standout MVP candidate Nick Spiess. Whenever his team needed to score, Spiess was the one that always came through for them. It is because of him, that this team was so successful and remained undefeated through the season.

The Golf Ballers was a team made up of members of the Loras College golf team. Their star members of the basketball squad were seniors John and Michael Butzow. The twins were a force to reckon with throughout the season. They led their team to wins over every team in the league falling only to Household Appliances in the championship game; they could not muster up enough offensive firepower to take home the title.

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Tom Shute is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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