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At a time when there are two parties that control all the political clout in this country, it seems impossible that any opposition or outside force could gain any ground. As more people turn away from politics, it has become the time to create a well-established and well organized third option.

The far right had the Tea Party, which despite all their anti-establishment rhetoric has been pretty much dissolved into the Republican Party. The left had Occupy Wall Street, but one can only sit in a park for so long before getting bored. So where will this third option come from?

People are beginning to see that we have a government and an economy that is rigged for those with the most money and wealth. They are beginning to see that what we are doing and how humanity is presently conducting herself is unsustainable. They are beginning to see that while unfettered capitalism may have brought us the iPhone, it also brought the destruction of the only planet we can inhabit. They are beginning to see that wherever a corporation can make a dime, they will, despite the human cost. They are beginning to see that their dignity may have been an illusion all along and that they’re simply a cog in the inescapable system in which we partake.

It’s time for this country and the whole world to have another progressive movement. A movement which looks at individuals with true dignity. A movement that recognizes that our current way of doing things is unsustainable. A movement where one has opportunity despite race or wealth.

As the country moves further right as a whole, it is of tantamount importance to any other issue that we create an organized grassroots movement that says “enough is enough” and that all people must be represented.

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Charlie is a junior at Loras College. He is a media studies major with a minor in politics. This is his first semester with LCTV News. He is excited to be covering news and politics for the Dubuque area.

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