Polls reveal changing field for presidential race

DUBUQUE – On the democratic side of the presidential race, Senator Bernie Sanders has been considered a long shot by many. However, he is leading Hillary Clinton in a recent CBS poll in Iowa.

The poll has Sanders at 43% in Iowa, with Hillary behind him at just 33%.

Loras College professor Dr. Christopher Budzisz says this isn’t very surprising.

“Democratic caucus voters in Iowa tend to be more progressive, more liberal, than caucus voters in other states or primary voters in other states,” he explained.

Sanders supporter John Craine attributes his lead to volunteers’ hard work.

“People that like Bernie Sanders aren’t ho hum on him. They’re going full force, they’re phone banking, they’re canvassing, they’re taking weekends off and taking their kids to parades,” he says.

Dr. Budzisz says that while the numbers may be promising, it’s important to not read too far into them.

“I would say the most recent polling suggests that Clinton is actually widening the lead nationwide. But, in states like New Hampshire and Iowa, you’ve seen some difficulty,” he says.

On the republican side, the field of candidates is slowly slimming down, especially after the most recent debate.

“One of the biggest little news bits out of the Republican debate, I think, was that some people who were expected to do very well this time are not doing very well at all,” Dr. Budzisz emphasizes.

Governor Scott Walker, who had the least speaking time at the debate, officially suspended his campaign following the debate.



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