Election Preview 2014

DUBUQUE, IA- We’re following three key races: First off, Bruce Braley vs. Joni Ernst.  In the most recent Loras College poll, voters had both candidates at a dead tie with 42% reporting and 12% still undecided.  With a month left before elections,  Tom Harkin’s U.S. senate seat is up for grabs for either party. The results of this race could have a huge impact on the national level.

The next race we’re looking at is the Dubuque Board of Supervisors.  With five candidates running for two open supervisors seats, this is one heated race.  Adding to the fire, two current Democratic supervisors- Wayne Demmer and Eric Manternach, have come out in support of the only Republican candidate, Daryl Klein.  This has Democrats in the community wondering, why?

And lastly, we take a look at the Rod Blum vs. Pat Murphy race.  Elections are close and advertising is ramping up, including negative ones.  We ask Christopher Budzisz, a Loras College Politics Professor, his thoughts on negative advertising.

Election day will take place on November 4th.  Until then- LCTV will keep you updated on all the latest polls.  Tune in for a full wrap up of these races and more on Wednesday, November 5th at 7 p.m.



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