City Council elections 2016

DUBUQUE – City council elections are Tuesday, November 3 in Dubuque, and here’s what you need to know before you cast your ballot:

Incumbent Karla Braig of Ward 2 is running against Luis Del Toro. Both of these candidates see spending as an important issue.

Del Toro criticized the way the budget is spent now by saying, “We are utilizing so much of our debt and I think ┬áit paints us into a corner to a degree as a city.”

Braig, on the contrary, believes that the city is spending money necessarily. She cites the council’s decision to renovate the water treatment plant as a way money is being spent responsibly.

“When the interest rates were low, when it was a good time to borrow money, we’d borrow the money at low interest rates,” she explained. She also added that the money borrowed for renovating the water treatment plant would be paid off by 2021.

In Ward 4, Incumbent Lynn Sutton is facing off against Jake Rios. For these two candidates, crime and violence is a huge concern.

Sutton believes the council is doing all they can to prevent violence in the community. “The face has changed and we have such violent crimes and yes we are addressing it, yes we have a plan in place,” she asserted.

Rios believes the council could be doing more. “Crime isn’t just a singular issue. It has a lot to do with the fact that the access to education is a bit hard downtown,” he said.

Lastly, incumbent David Resnick is running unopposed as City Council member At Large.

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