Candidate Profile: Donald Trump

DUBUQUE – Donald Trump was always seen as a long shot to becoming the president of the United States, from when he first announced his running in the Summer of 2015 many were skeptical of his abilities.

Throughout his campaign, Trump grew popularity among Republican voters through many of his different stances. Many like his stance on growing the military and believe he will take care of veterans.

In Iowa, there is not a direct Campaign Representative in district one, so Donald Trump supporters in Dubuque have been left to their own devices to get the word out by using signs and other ways.

John Walgren is an avid Trump supporter, and he lets people know it by using his car to show his support. Walgren has decals on his car supporting Donald Trump, he says that he gets “90 percent positive feedback.”

He believes people’s support of Trump is easy to understand.

“There’s a resurgence of Nationalist sentiment because we’re sick of seeing others come first, quite frankly.”

To Walgren, his choice is clear, ¬†“A lot of my friends have talking points, ya know, where he’s a misogynist, or a racist or things like that and in my opinion those are all debunked and when your other option is anti-human.”

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