Bobby Jindal visits Dubuque

DUBUQUE – Governor Bobby Jindal made a campaign stop in Dubuque.

The event was hosted by Believe Again, a conservative political action committee.

Speaking before 200 Dubuquers, Jindal received a warm welcome.

He spoke for about twenty minutes, covering all bases on his platform. His economic and foreign policy initiatives were the most well received verses of the night.

After his speech, he took questions from the audience for about 20 minutes.

Attendee John Darrah was excited after hearing what Jindal had to say.

“I mean he is correct. I think the country is slipping away…and we’re gonna have to find a way to stop that.”

Jindal wants to set himself apart from his seventeen fellow conservatives campaigning to win the nomination.

“I think the one thing that sets me apart…I’ve got a proven track record. I’m the only one that’s cut spending. This election is about our future…it’s especially about students future. They’re the ones that are going to inherit this debt…they’re the ones that are going to inherit this economy. I think they should care the most about this election…and especially about standing up and saying ‘we’re smart enough to run our own lives.'”

Jindal is currently polling at around 4 percent in Iowa.


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