Why we should all warm up to winter

Though many of us are guilty of being constantly dissatisfied with the weather, especially in the winter, good things start happening when it gets colder. I hear people say “it’s too cold; I wish it was summer” in the winter and “it’s sweltering, I’m sweating; I wish it was winter” in the summer. No matter what, we are never pleased. The truth is the colder seasons bring about the best (and worst) in everyone.

Winter is a time of renewal, whether it’s getting that new haircut (which I have already gotten a jump on) or breaking old habits. That ice cold white stuff falling from the sky means time for change! To those who aren’t fond of change: you are lying to yourself! Change allows us to feel better, look better and be better. Your body benefits physically and mentally. Winter is a time to build your immune system. Sure, everybody struggles with the common cold here and there, but in the winter, your body builds a tolerance for the months to come. Plus, that cold comes with the consumption of massive amounts of hot chocolate. Sleep also deepens in the winter. As it begins getting darker so much earlier in the day, we begin wanting sleep much earlier. It’s the perfect excuse to go to bed early when it’s cold and dark outside and just burrow under the covers. We get our work done earlier so that we are able to sleep. The more sleep we get, the healthier and more alert we feel the next day.

And the holidays! The best part about cold weather is the never-ending stream of celebration.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s, and because it’s the Midwest where winter doesn’t end, St. Patrick’s Day. You know you love them all. If not for the many breaks from school, it’s for the food. Nothing says happy holidays quite like your mom’s baking and grandma’s cooking. I’m a supporter of these five months of gloom if only because it means food, festivities and family.

And finally, winter brings people together. In the winter, we experience a sense of closeness that no other season permits. In the summer, everyone wants their space to avoid sweating, to get a tan and whatever else. In the colder times of the year, people huddle together, whether it be to stay physically warm or because the Christmas music on the radio or that family-oriented Christmas movies and stories bring out the desire for companionship in us all. Winter encourages us to make memories together, in family homes instead of on far-off beaches. We give thanks and share laughs, gathered around the kitchen table. We give gifts of both love and material value, trying to show that we truly do care about the people that surround us. During this time of year, we show our gratitude and appreciation for everyone in our lives.

So maybe cold weather is unbearable when it’s twenty-one degrees below zero and any part of you exposed for more than ten minutes at a time is at risk of frostbite, but I wouldn’t give up the sight of snow for palm trees.

Winter is a game-changer. Once that first snow falls in Faber-Clark, the atmosphere will change. You can decide if you will be a victim of seasonal depression or seasonal excitement. Either way, get ready for the freezing temperatures and blistering wind. Start loving it, because you aren’t leaving it any time soon.

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