Why ‘The Magicians’ is a show worth watching

“The Magicians” is a show available on Netflix about a college that trains those with an aptitude for magic on how to enhance their innate talents. It is quite literally just adult Harry Potter, and I must emphasize that it is for older viewers and not children, given the often graphic nature of the episodes, from blood or gore to many other adult themes. I honestly feel that watching it while in college is the perfect time, given that you relate a lot more closely to what all of the similarly aged characters are feeling and experiencing.

As for the magical side of things, the show has a very interesting world that is fleshed out so fully and richly, with endless twists and turns in how things work. There are wonderful and terrifying magical creatures, a plethora of beautiful, ever changing spells that have countless different levels of impact on our beloved characters, and endless different worlds, timelines, or alternate universes filled with entertainment. It’s like somebody watched Harry Potter or Narnia and then said they weren’t impressed. The show is extremely good at combining every known work of fiction in some way into one beautiful, often very real and raw, work of magic.

They don’t stop there. They never even consider letting up on their audience, keeping a fairly constant, steady pace of plot. I find it hard to really think of any episodes that are fillers, and even those just exist to introduce you to a new concept or form of magic that later becomes more relevant or deepens your overall understanding of the universe. Episodes are often quite complex, and while they do try to make sure the audience can follow and understand, they rarely hold your hand through the plot, which is very refreshing. There is so much in the show that you can’t pick it all up on one viewing, which is why I’m only on my third at the moment, constantly noticing little hidden things I never noticed before.

The characters are all so diverse and interesting, but the main character is what truly sets this show apart from many others. He is a socially awkward shut-in of a nerd, who tries to talk to people and be open, but doesn’t know how, and feels very alone. It is a type of character that is so rarely explored so well, and so rarely on the forefront of a story. He is not a cool, calculating, capable leading man type of person, which really allows the story to unfold in a fast, unexpected, and radically different manner that is just so believable. It lets the characters grow more and makes the enemies feel so much more intimidating than if someone like the Rock were up against them.

All in all, “The Magicians” is an energetic, passion-filled, diverse and interesting take on the whole concept of magic and how people interact with it in a setting. It is most definitely worth a watch, and you will never see what’s coming next.

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