Why Smash Bros Club is worth a look

I have not found myself going to many of the clubs that exist within Loras College, and while they all sound like wonderful communities, there’s something about the Smash Bros club that is just so welcoming and fun. It does not ask any commitment of you, save that you show up, hang out with other people that like to play games, and have a good time.

It takes place in Hoffman 111 biweekly on Sundays at 2 p.m., so its not filling up the time you need in the middle of the week to work on schoolwork. The club is a fine place to go at the end of an especially rough week in order to relax and just allow yourself to forget your troubles for a little while. Smash Bros Ultimate is at its core a game for a large group of friends, up to eight, to play together, fighting against each other as beloved Nintendo and third party characters. At the club, there are three set up at the same time, with one always open for as many as eight to just mess around on, while the other two are one versus one tournaments.

No skill is required to enjoy the game at all. When I first started going to the club, I was getting my rear end handed to me constantly, but it wasn’t a bitter moment at all. The people there are understanding and willing to teach you to get better, or just enjoy the game with you if you aren’t invested in doing so. Nobody will make fun of you or make you feel bad about yourself for not understanding how to play a video game.

The leadership of the club, namely President of the club Nathan Kelleher, is very welcoming to the new or inexperienced players coming to hang out. He, along with Vice President Shane Holsclaw, have taken time out of their day to help new members get acclimated to the game, training you to get better at the game as long as you are willing to try. I’ve seen a lot of players arrive very confused, and leave laughing and waiting for the next tournament eagerly.

Usually how the tournaments work is that you get entered into a bracket on a site that automatically randomizes the entire thing. You’ll fight against one person at a time until you lose a match, but even then, it is not over yet. You still have a chance to come back through the loser’s bracket, fighting others that didn’t make it in the first chance, which could often be for a silly reason, giving you another chance to make it. If you beat the whole loser’s bracket, you can climb back up and fight for the overall win all over again.

The club is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people, and it is a great place to spend the afternoon on a Sunday before another week of classes and stress, allowing you to get some much needed relaxation in your life.

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