Why ‘Friday the 13th’ only gets worse

So don’t get me wrong, “Friday the 13th” is an extremely entertaining series from its inception in 1980, but it has certainly gone downhill in its later iterations. In the first few movies, there is still this certain feel about them, where you know that it’s in no way scary and can laugh at the quality of the movie, while still recognizing that it has some really good things about it. You enjoy seeing the creative ways in which Jason can kill people and are intrigued as you slowly learn more and more about this strange killer named Jason Voorhees, so you watch more and more.

The movies aren’t amazing but they aren’t bad either. They are just from a different time, and you can respect the people who made them. However, as the series goes on, they tend to spend less time on anything related to plot, or this sort of “cool” factor surrounding Jason, and trend towards something a little less respectable. Regardless of how you feel about them, the inclusion of copious nude scenes within these movies was around when they started to descend a little in quality. They never really added anything and led to the joke that Jason just really hates premarital sex. It’s able to be overlooked, but then things started to drop off even more starkly.

Initially, the people Jason killed made sense. He didn’t want people to stay in Camp Crystal Lake, and viewers were led to believe that given he only killed the campers and the counselors. However, as the movies go on, it becomes a lot less about Jason on a crusade for his mother, and it sort of turns into a mindless murder spree. Jason starts to kill anyone and everyone without much of a care for who it is. He ends up leaving his home for no good reason, and swims out to climb aboard a boat to Manhattan. This takes what fans enjoyed about the movies and turns it all on its head without an explanation.

This change wouldn’t be the worst if something in the plot were added to explain, but it just happens with no bridge between movies at all. The movie is full of ridiculous things that make so little sense that they are entertaining. This, or sorts, saves the movie from being unwatchable. However, they soon throw away what little genuine Jason Voorhees they have left by taking it hundreds of years into the future and merging “Friday the 13th” with its natural partner, “Star Trek”. In “Jason X”, for some reason, someone thought Jason ought to go into space and murder people there instead, and that was when the franchise lost what little heart it had left. I’ve yet to watch a movie past “Jason X”, but perhaps one day I will get the taste of it out of my mouth. They need to make some major changes for me to have any interest in further movies in the franchise, but hopefully someone can save it.

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