Why Ahsoka is the best Jedi

By Josh Vogt (TheLorian)

Ahsoka Tano is a Star Wars character first introduced in the Clone Wars animated film, not to be confused with the second Star Wars film of the prequels, Attack of the Clones. Her introduction came after that, in the height of the clone wars themselves, and many did not like her when she was introduced. She was, at first glance, a bratty little teen that constantly argued with fan-favorite Anakin Skywalker, and did not seem to bring as much to the table. Taking that film alone, she was unique, but not quite an awesome new addition, as we didn’t see as much from her yet.

She grew over the course of seven seasons of the Clone Wars animated television show, from this bratty teen into a compassionate and caring Jedi, following the lessons of popular characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi and the aforementioned Anakin. She became a beautiful mix of these two Jedi, with the wisdom of Kenobi and the skills of Skywalker. However, her greatest asset is her empathy and compassion towards everything and everyone. Ahsoka learned the names of the clones, the ones that they chose, not the number designations they were given, and she was a respected friend to each of them. She valued their lives in a way not many others did, not seeing them as soldiers created to follow orders and die.

Ahsoka had this moral compass to her that often got her in trouble throughout the show, and found her at odds with the entire Jedi order when she cared too much. She discovered the hypocrisy of the order, realizing that they are heavily corrupt and have become warriors serving the government rather than peacekeeping, compassionate sages of the galaxy. When she was set up to be imprisoned and the entire Jedi order turned against her, she fought for the truth, and allied herself with old enemies in order to prove she would never betray the Jedi. They did not believe her until the actual culprit was caught, and then wanted to act like they had never doubted her, citing this as a great trial. She did something here that set her apart from other Jedi, and left the order entirely to find her own path.

She came back to help the republic at the end of the Clone Wars show, but not as a Jedi. Ahsoka was a neutral force wielder, with lightsabers designed by Anakin Skywalker, fighting simply for what was right. She took on Darth Maul, who had, in the first of the prequel films, bested a Jedi master, Qui-gon Jinn, and almost beat Kenobi at the same time. In her duel with Maul, she bested him in a fair fight, showing just how skilled she had become with her dual lightsabers. Promptly afterwards, the infamous order 66 occurred, with every single clone being turned against the Jedi by chips in their heads. However, due to her deep connection with those who served under her, the clone before her when the order went out, Captain Rex, resisted the influence of the command long enough for her to get him to safety.

Ahsoka was one of a very small percentage to survive the purging of the Jedi, and went on to keep fighting against injustice in the galaxy, being one of the founding members of the rebel alliance seen in the other three Star Wars movies featuring Luke. She was featured often in the Star Wars Rebels animated show, and helped face off against Darth Vader, her former master, managing to survive a one on one fight with the deadly foe. From here she survived past the Original Trilogy of films and into the Mandalorian show, which has yet to air her episodes. This amazing character, going through all of this pain, facing her master as the one who did all those terrible things, and coming out the other side stronger than ever. While she does not call herself a Jedi, she more exhibits what a Jedi should be, than any other we’ve seen so far.

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