Who broke up The Beatles?

There have been different theories of who broke up the Beatles and how the collapse of their associated record label “Apple Corps” fell. In a recent interview with popular radio host, Howard Stern interviewed Paul McCartney and he touched on a lot of the Beatles’ history. Stern said, “When the Beatles broke up, and who knows who broke up the Beatles”, Paul then interrupts and said, “I know, John”. Paul went on to say that there was a meeting with all the Beatles members and their business partners and associates, and John came in and stated that he was leaving the group. The notion in the press was that John had blamed Paul for the breakup, but Paul said that’s just “hype”.

Paul, a year later, left the group and the Beatles and Apple Corps were finally defunct. All the members of the Beatles soon after put out their first solo albums. A lot of people think that Yoko Ono, John’s lover at the time, had influence in breaking up the Beatles and John’s leave. However, Paul still had respect for Yoko because she loved his friend, John, and they had a happy life together until his death.

In the same interview, Stern brought up a crazy story about members of the Beatles arriving at Paul’s house, telling him that he could not put out his first solo album. This happened during the same time the Beatles final studio album, “Let It Be” was going to be released. Ringo Starr, the drummer of the Beatles, brought legal papers to Paul’s house. Paul kicked him out. Paul later said that he worked it out with Ringo and they are now friends and have been for quite some time. Something I found interesting was earlier in the interview, when Paul said he was glad that he and John patched things up after the Beatles broke up. Had they not, there would have been many mixed feelings, guilt, and lack of closure after John was killed in December of 1980. John Lennon and Paul McCartney are the most successful singer-songwriter duo and the best selling band in the history of popular music. They have created their place in history and it’s at the top of the totem pole.

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